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The Art of Exterior Wrapping for Your Yacht.

Unveiling the Advantages of Yacht Wrapping

Exploring the simplicity and benefits of opting for wrap over paint for your yacht.

Understanding the Wrap

Wrap typically comes as a PVC film on rolls measuring 1.5 meters in width and extending up to 50 meters in length. This film maintains a consistent color and gloss (satin or matte) and can be applied over surfaces such as GRP, painted areas, and primer.

Preparation for Exterior Yacht Wrapping

Prior to application, surfaces designated for wrapping should undergo filling and fairing. Wrapping does not encompass any filling elements in its process.

Why Choose Wrapping?

Cosmetic Appeal: For GRP yachts, painting is often done solely for cosmetic reasons. Wrapping offers an extensive array of film choices, ranging from gloss to matte finishes, wood effects to chrome.

Time Efficiency: Yachts maintaining a busy annual or bi-seasonal schedule can't afford the extended downtime required for repainting. Wrapping an 80-meter hull can be completed within 30 days, offering a quicker alternative.

Cost-Effectiveness: Wrapping proves significantly more cost-efficient compared to traditional painting methods.

Refresh Instead of Refit: Achieving a new look and feel for your yacht becomes a straightforward and rapid process through wrapping. In certain cases, digital printing onto the film allows for personalized designs, ensuring a unique touch to the wrap.

To enquiry about exterior wrapping for your yacht, please email:

Call: +44 20 3488 3912


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