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Wrapping Deckheads vs Painting

Conventionally, yacht deck heads sport a spray-painted matte white finish, a practical choice that minimizes reflections, ensuring a more uniform appearance for the ceiling.

While spraying panels during the yacht's construction seems ideal, it poses complications in the long run. Maintenance demands occasional panel removal to access underlying piping and electrical systems. Unfortunately, this process often results in panel damage from 'sucker rings' or scratches. Moreover, inadvertent glossing from cleaning procedures adds to the woes.

Applying a fresh coat to a single panel presents a genuine challenge, as it starkly contrasts with the existing panels aboard.

Wrapped panels offer consistent coloring and require minimal effort to maintain cleanliness.

We recently wrapped the deckheads onboard M/Y HORIZONS 3

The issue with spraying lies in the inconsistencies it creates. When a deckhead sustains damage and requires a respray, the outcome can differ due to various factors: the direction of spray, a different batch of paint, varying hands on the trigger, or even a different sprayer.

On the contrary, wrapping deckheads eliminates these concerns. If all deckheads are wrapped and one needs a rewrap, it seamlessly blends in with the rest. Installing vinyl film ensures a consistent, single-layered product for all your deckheads.

To enquiry about deckhead wrapping for your yacht, please email:

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