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The Role of Interior Surface Protection Film for Wood, Marble, and Stainless Steel Surfaces on Yacht

Interior Surface Protection Film for Varnished, Marble, and Stainless Steel Surfaces.

This post is for Chief Stewardesses and Captains who are keen on maintaining the pristine condition of the interiors of their yachts.

The transformative impact of optically clear Surface Protection Films within yacht interiors is undeniable, effectively addressing challenges such as fingerprints, scratches, and staining.

Regardless of the yacht's size or class, the internal spaces face common challenges. Clients expect a yacht to be hotel-ready at all times, demanding a spotless environment even during use. Surfaces like Marble are susceptible to scratching, dulling, or staining, while Wood finishes can easily display scratches and handprints. Stainless Steel surfaces, on the other hand, can be a nightmare, showcasing fingerprints prominently.

For the past decade, we have incorporated optically clear high gloss films (with a 94 Gloss Units rating at an angle of 60°) and satin surface protection films within yachts. This particular aspect of our interior wrapping work stands out as an area where we consistently receive no negative feedback.

The utilization of clear films for interior applications wasn't initially on our radar. It only became a focal point when we were tasked with protecting marble years ago. Since then, it has evolved into a significant aspect of our interior wrapping endeavors.

Wood Protection onboard a 60m yacht

Surface protection film applied on yacht

Stainless Steel Example onboard a 100m+ yacht

Surface protection film on yacht

Why Is This Topic So Important?

  • Cleaning: Simplifies the lives of interior crew by making surfaces easier to clean and maintaining their cleanliness.

  • Protection: These films, designed to shield high-end car spray jobs from stone chips, easily handle the wear and tear within a yacht.

  • UV Shield: Surfaces covered in Surface Protection Film receive UV protection as an added benefit.

This self-healing 150-micron polyurethane film offers remarkable properties. It can remove scratches with a touch of heat from warm water, ensuring durability while providing a slight 'give' that safeguards the surface beneath.

Hexis BodyFence boasts a seven-year lifespan with zero yellowing concerns.

The fitting process is intricate due to the film's transparency, which exposes every imperfection. Applied 'wet,' it takes approximately 24 hours to dry.

To enquiry about surface protection for your yacht, please email:

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