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Yacht Exterior Vinyl finishing

Are you looking for a way to be unique on the water and protect your yacht? 


Due to the ever increasing advancements with vinyl technology, marine vinyl films are increasingly becoming an accepted alternative finish to paint. Vinyl wrapping presents the perfect way to colour the entire hull of the yacht whilst providing surface protection, thereby preserving the paint or gel coat and retaining resale value whilst offering the opportunity to add unusual colours and textures not available in paint.


As a leader in the industry, Unique Yacht Wrapping is pioneering exterior and interior vinyl yacht finishing dedicated to the superyacht and marine industry. Our ability to provide a full hull colour change in a matter of days is one of the many reasons we are regarded as the go to company by yacht designers, captains, yacht brokers, build & refit managers and interior designers globally.

The cost of vinyl finishing or 'wrapping' is extremely economical and cost effective versus traditional paint methods with a saving of typically 30-60% depending on size of yacht. If you are involved in the industry, you will know that marine painting is expensive and extremely time consuming. We believe wrapping offers an incredible alternative to paint finishes.

Our team of professional vinyl wrapping specialists can transform your yacht into your own masterpiece in no time using a unique, flexible, quick, cost-effective and durable solution that also protects your yacht from UV damage and the elements that will last up to eight years.


Giving a second youth to your yacht is no longer an impossible dream, by vinyl wrapping your yacht, the hull of a 80 foot yacht can be completely transformed in a matter of days whilst a full colour change on a 30-60m yacht will take only weeks with minimal downtime.


Vinyl films come in a vast array of colours and finishes, they are exceptionally durable, hard-wearing and will not fade or go cloudy like paint and provide complete surface protection without needing buffing or polishing.

By choosing Unique Yacht Wrapping, you are making a decision to protect your paint and be unique with any look that is desired.

The potential of wrapping has already been shown to perfectly serve different purposes including:

  • Testing a new colour before committing to an expensive respray

  • Protecting your paint and gel coat, in any colour or any finish, keeping your paint new and undamaged

  • Fully reversible design, perfect for seasonal or promotional events

  • Unique design, there is no limit of what you can achieve

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Whether its colour changing, colour matching, custom design, interior, exterior, on the drydock or in the water, working with Unique Yacht Wrapping you can achieve it all.

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Quick Installation

• Install on water or drydock

• No lengthy preparation time

• Low downtime

• Applied in a matter of days

Easy Care & Repairs

• Protect your yacht from UV damage and the elements

• Vinyl doesn't go cloudly, unlike paint

 No need for buffing or polishing

• Just use soap & water to wash

• Most repairs can be done with a simple patch

Cost Effective

• 1/3 the cost of painting
• No infrastructure costs
• Cost effective vs painting

Long Lifespan

• Manufacturer's guarantee

• Longer than paint

• Up to 8 years 

• All around positive value

Unique Design

• Unique design - one of a kind

• No limit of what you can achieve

• Any colour, any finish

• Promote an event/brand

Eco Friendly

• No chemicals or solvents

• Safe and eco-friendly

• Alternative to toxic marine paints

• Vinyl wrap can be recycled 

Worldwide Installation

• Installers available worldwide

• Pre & mid season makeovers

• We come to you

Low Risk Reversibility

• Protect your yacht's original paint

• Maintains re-sale value of yacht

• Ease of removal

• Changing colour is simple


Why Wrap? Key Benefits




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