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Yacht flooring

Are you looking for a way refresh your yachts interior flooring without the need for replacing it?


Replacing the flooring in your yacht can be an extremely expensive and time consuming task that many owners do not want to undertake, we are here to fix this and make it 


We offer a range of luxury flooring options to protect and refresh flooring throughout your yacht, these options include: luxury marine woven carpet and luxury vinyl flooring from Italy.

If you are looking to complete an interior refit but have been put off due to the cost of replacing the floor our solutions are the perfect alternative. With over 40 potential finish options, we are able to match your current interior style or match the future refit you are looking to achieve.

Our flooring solutions go perfectly with our interior wrapping services to truely give your yacht a new look and feel. Whether privately owned or a charter vessel, our flooring options will give you the ability to protect your flooring whilst looking fantastic - season after season.

If you have any interior yacht flooring requirements, please contact us

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Our other services


Are you looking for a cost effective way to stand out on the water and protect your yacht?

  • ​Cost effective (30 - 60% less than painting)

  • Quick installation

  • Provides hull surface protection

Do you wish to breathe new life into the interior of your yacht or charter boat, or simply add your unique personality to your home on the water?

  • Significant cost savings

  • Over 700 finishes available

  • Convenient installation

Give your yacht more privacy and protect it from UV and heat damage all year round.

  • Enhancing privacy

  • Minimising sun glare 

  • Blocking out harmful UV rays

We offer a range of clear vinyl surface films designed to protect yachts from general wear and tear and scratches, eliminating paint damage and preserving the residual value of the yacht.

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