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Why are more and more yacht builders using vinyl finishing on new build projects?

It has always taken and continues to take true craftsmanship to complete a project within the shipbuilding space, especially within custom build one-off projects, so why would a yacht designer or builder choose to use vinyl finishing over handcrafted finishes? Here's why:

1) Versatility of interior finish options

Versatility is needed in all building projects, not just within the superyacht industry. Over the years we have spoken to more and more world renowned interior designers that have had to compromise their vision for a project because certain finishes are not physically or structurally possible to be completed the way they envisioned. We have had clients that have requested solid stainless steel pillars within the interior of their yacht but have been told it is simply not possible due to the weight distribution, yet, stainless steel finish vinyl provides them with the same fantastic finish - without the weight problem.

We offer over 700 possible interior finish options including: fine woods, stones, metals, marbles, leathers and mortar which resist water, impact, mould and are fire resistant and IMO certified for marine use. Many of these finishes could not possibly be recreated onboard a new build without causing huge headache and potential issues with the yacht builder or design team. This is where vinyl can help.

2) Wide range of exterior finish options including textured finishes

Marine paint has limitations to what it can achieve and will lose its gloss finish after time. With exterior vinyl finishing you are able to wrap the exterior of your yacht from new in over 200 unique options including: silver chrome, matte green, gloss pink, shadow camouflage, carbon fibre, pearlescent white and many more. Not only do these choice of finishes make you completely unique on the water, they also protect the original finish of your yacht and will help to retain the value of your yacht through the years. Many of the vinyl finish options we offer are simply not possible by use of marine paint and the cost comparison is huge versus vinyl finishing.

3) Fully reversible

Like with most things in life, peoples tastes change and this isn't an exception within the yachting industry. Vinyl finishing solutions are fully reversible and protect your yachts original finish on the interior or exterior. This gives you the ability to try and test different colours and finishes throughout your yachts lifetime at a fraction of the cost and with half of the downtime to a traditional messy refit. You may look to change the hull colour in the future or maybe the superstructure, if you were to schedule these works for marine paint finishing your yacht will be out of action for a substantial amount of time. If your yacht is used as a charter vessel, this can mean loss of revenue and ever increasing shipyard fees.


We always say to clients that vinyl finishing is there to complement marine paint and other interior finishes such as wood and stone. We are there to help you to achieve the finish you desire if it is simple not possible by traditional methods.

We regularly complete work onboard superyachts including: interior elevators, deckheads, control panels, dashboards, pantries, swimming pools and much more.

If you have any upcoming requirements or would like to ask your questions, please get in contact and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

We hope this helps #BeUniqueOnTheWater

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