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Antifouling vinyl film

The eco-friendly, biocide free, drag reducing silicone antifouling wrap film that is factory guaranteed for five years.

Unique Yacht Wrapping are official installers of the revolutionary MacGlide Fouling Release Vinyl Film. The eco-friendly, biocide free, guaranteed for 5 years alternative to conventional antifouling paint. It is cleaner, increases speed, creates less drag and reduces fuel consumption by up to 7%

MacGlide film has excellent fouling-repelling properties, so it protects your hull from colonisation by marine organisms without using biocides. It means you are helping to protect marine life as well as your yacht when you choose MacGlide instead of paint. You are also safeguarding human health in shipyards, by avoiding any exposure to toxic biocides. Your yacht can go further and faster with MacGlide, helping you to enjoy your time at sea more than ever before.

Over 150,000 tons of antifouling paints are used across Europe each year and every square metre of applied paint contains around 15g of biocide – That’s capable of contaminating 150,000 m3 of water. These paints cause significant damage to the marine environment. Not only that, antifouling paint needs repainting every year.

The good news is that helping the environment also improves protection for your yacht – with less maintenance and lower overall costs. High performance MacGlide adhesive film is good for your yacht, for the ocean and is a cost effective solution versus traditional methods.

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Reduced Fuel Costs


• With reduced drag, you will see real-time fuel savings of 5 - 7%

5 Year Durability

• No need to antifoul every 6-12 months, MacGlide has a 5 year durability

Self Cleaning


• After any time at berth, any fouling will fall off from speeds of 7-8 knots

Ease of Maintenance


• Any staining or growth can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge or a soft brush

Marine Protection


• MacGlide is by far the most ecofriendly antifouling option on the market, transferring no toxins into the water. It is 100% biocide-free

Economical Alternative


• Lower maintenance costs over a 5 year period, no need to strip every year

Increased Speeds


• Estimated to increase speed by 4-5% through reduced drag

Proven Solution


• Suits all types of yachts up to 50 metres, sale or motor. Over 1,000 installations completed

benefits of antifoul wrapping

  • Motoryacht owners will see reduced fuel consumption (between 5-7% less) and sailors will enjoy higher maximum speeds

  • The film will last up five years, compared to the 6-12 months for existing antifouling products

  • The solution performs well in all European waters and offers cost benefits over its five year life cycle

  • It is a fully environmentally friendly solution with no biocide


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