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'Your yacht, your personality.'

Unique Yacht Wrapping is a pioneering Superyacht and Marine finishing company, specialising in the installation of advanced vinyl wrapping solutions to transform your yacht.


Dedicated to the superyacht industry, our business continues to grow through our high level of professional knowledge and experienced support. We work closely alongside yacht designers, captains, yacht brokers, build & refit managers and interior designers with exceptionally reliable and diligent personal service.


  Whether your yacht is in need of a full exterior wrap or a complete interior refit using architectural films, Unique Yacht Wrapping will create a transformation that will not only impress but will last and be delivered to the highest quality.


Our highly trained and skilled fitters have vast experience in the marine and yachting industry and use only the best vinyl manufacturers to truly get the finish you desire.


Our services are available worldwide, with a presence in the UK, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Middle East and the USA.


If you have any interior yacht wrapping or exterior yacht wrapping requirements, please contact us

Unique Yacht Wrapping Team In Action Onboard

Our services


Are you looking for a cost and time-effective alternative to marine painting? With minimal downtime and related infrastructure costs, vinyl finishing could be the right choice for your yacht or boat.

  • ​Cost & Time Effective 

  • Quick Installation

  • UV Resistant & No Need To Polish

  • Provides Surface Protection

Does your yacht interior need refreshing or updating? With over 700 premium interior finish options available, transforming your interior does not require a lengthy refit period.

  • Significant Cost Savings

  • Interior Options include: Fine Woods, Stones, Metals, Marbles and Leather

  • Convenient Installation, No Mess

  • Scratch, Stain and Heat Resistant

Do you want to reduce heat, glare and UV damage from the sun whilst increasing privacy onboard your yacht all year round?

  • Enhance Privacy Onboard

  • Minimise Sun Glare & Heat Damage

  • Block Out Harmful UV Rays

Protect your high-traffic interior and exterior areas onboard your yacht or boat using our range of transparent, self-healing, hydrophobic surface protection films.

  • Reduce Damages & Repairs

  • Preserve The Residual Value Of The Yacht

  • Films are Self-Healing and Fully Hydrophobic



If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Unique Yacht Wrapping can help you, please submit your details.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Unique Yacht Wrapping Team
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